Slim Diet Patch Review – How Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Slimming Patches are the new craze that's taking over the weight loss world.  The Slim Diet patch improves on its successors like the pink patch to make it, in my opinion, the best weight loss patch on the market.

Trans-Dermal technology

95% of ingredients in traditional weight loss tablets may not even reach your bloodstream after being broken down by stomach acids, which means 95% of your money could be wasted (that's why you should always look for high-quality diet pills with the right amount of active ingredients).

With the Slim Diet patch, you don't have to worry as the trans-dermal technology allows the active weight loss ingredients to go straight through your skin into your bloodstream.

Easy to Use

With over the counter diet pills, you may have to remember to take the right number of slimming tablets at the right time.

With the Slim Diet patch simply place one of the discreet sticky-backed patches onto your skin and forget about it for 24 hours while it works to help you lose weight easily.

Kind to your skin

The patches are completely waterproof so they will not come off in the shower or when swimming like some inferior branded slimming patches, and are made from breathable material so are kind to your skin.

If you are looking to buy a weight loss patch get one made from a  breathable fabric like Slim Diet patch and not one made from rubbery materials which will seal off pores and prevent the active weight loss ingredients getting into your body.

In summary

The Slim Diet patch is:

  • *Easy to use – Just stick it on!
  • *Effortless – Put one on in the morning and forget about it
  • *More effective than most diet pills

Slim Weight Patch Ingredients

The Slim Diet Patch delivers a careful chosen selection of premium ingredients through your skin. These are:

  • Fucus Vesiculosis A natural extract from sea plants that has been used in herbal medicine to support the thyroid gland, and therefore is thought to increase metabolism
  • Green Tea Extract – Contains powerful antioxidants that are thought to help with suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism
  • Acai Berry Extract – A natural berry extract that you may have heard of before as it is thought to aid your body's fat-burning ability.

Where to buy the Slim Diet Patch?

slim diet patchWhen possible we always suggest buying directly from the official retailer Bauer Nutrition as you can get the best prices and know you're getting the genuine product.

There are lots of fakes out there so it pays to be careful. When you buy direct from the link below you get the following benefits:

  • Fast, discreet shipping worldwide
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Discounts like buy 3 get 3 free!
  • Peace of mind that you are buying a genuine product that works

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  • I too was one who received something in the mail and read through the information and thought wow this would be good. I really do need to lose some weight but I kept wondering if this amount would be too much and unhealthy. But I decided to grab my phone and call the number. I was willing to give it a try, what the heck I’ve tried everything else. While sitting and waiting on hold, I thought, let me just google this and see what this is all about. sure enough I saw your blog and after reading it. Well, let’s just say when someone came on the line I disconnected the call. Thank you for saving me in more ways than one.

  • I got the mailer today and read it and read it and figured it had to be too good to be true. Being desperate however I was actually considering giving it a try. I will check out your link for the other patch. Thanks so much

  • I received Size Zero Patch offer in the mail. For some reason I decided to not throw it away. When I finally opened this “amazing, no risk 100% guarantee” it just seemed to good to be true! I was quick to pick my phone up and give them my money but reasoning made me want more information and decided to go to their website. Funny thing is. I could not locate it anywhere in the offer. So I called their toll free number and recovered attitude from the operator as he gave me their website!
    Thank goodness i did!! Not only did I see their site I also saw yours! Your warnings and informed information not only helped me save money but also my health!
    Deepest appreciation,

  • Almost made the mistake of the zero patch purchase. i need to lose 50 lbs quickly because i need both knees replaced. problem is, mobility makes it nearly impossible. so frustrating. thanks for helping me not wast money. i will check out your link.

  • Thanks so much for your indepth information on the “Size Zero Patch”. I got the info in the mail and actually considered buying it! I will click on your link and get the Slim Diet Patch instead. Thanks again!

  • You hit the nail on the head with that one, awesome read! Keep up the good work.

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