What is Fucus Vesiculosus?

One of the natural ingredients contained in the Slim Diet Patch is fucus vesiculosus.  The name is quite a mouthful to pronounce, so it is more commonly known as bladderwrack.

Bladderwrack is an algae that is found on the coasts of the north sea among others. Seaweed is naturally a good source of iodine, and bladderwrack is particularly iodine-rich.

You may have heard about the role of iodine in weight loss, due to the fact that it supports the thyroid gland.

Our thyroid glands are responsible for regulating our metabolism so it is essential to have a healthy functioning thyroid gland in order to regulate our body weight.

Often, diet pills marketed as “sea kelp” supplements contain powdered bladderwrack.

The difference is that with the Slim Diet Patch, bladderwrack can enter the body straight into the bloodstream without risking being destroyed by stomach acid.

After exposing the size zero patch scam I became aware of the need for manufacturers to be open and honest about what their slimming products ingredients are.

Thankfully the Slim Diet Patch has all of the ingredients clearly labeled on their product, and all of them seem to be effective for weight loss in their own ways.


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