Diet Patches vs Diet Pills

When taking a pill through the mouth it is attacked instantly by the acids and bacteria in the stomach breaking it down for digestion. This has the problem of reducing the amount reaching the bloodstream thereby reducing the effect of the pill to aid weight loss.

To try and counteract this, a huge increase in the dosage is necessary. Increasing costs and raising the possible risk of side effects.

Using a Diet Patch

Applying a scientifically designed Trans-dermal patch to the skin that releases all the nutrients directly to the bloodstream instantly overcomes the problem associated with pills and other orally taken supplements.

Therefore increasing the effect of the weight loss properties of the patch, giving incredible results. Up to 2-4 pounds a week can be lost with little or no effort.

Now that’s easy weight loss!

Why the Slim Diet Patch?

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, without the need for a crash diet or extreme exercise, Trans-dermal Patches use up to the minute proven technology designed to give you a natural, fast and effective way to lose weight.

It also has the added benefit of being very simple to use. Just apply a single patch every day, forget it and watch the pounds fall off.

The Slim Diet patch was developed and is manufactured by a long-established and experienced pharmaceutical company. The patches are discrete and fully waterproof so no need to waste a single patch.

The Slim Diet Patch only uses ingredients in its unique formula which have clinical evidence of weight loss. There is no other patch available with this unique formula. That is why the Slim Diet Patch is my No1 rated weight loss patch.

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