Day 11: Slim Diet Patch questions answered

I have received emails asking me about my experience of using the Slim Diet Patch to lose weight and found the same questions being asked. So I decided to compile a little Q&A section to answer the most common questions about this slimming patch:

Is the Slim Diet Patch safe?

I am always wary of dangerous diet products that contain synthetic ingredients. Slim Diet Patch is different as it contains 100% natural ingredients.

The key ingredient is a type of algae known as Fucus Vesiculosus that is gathered on the sunny coasts of the pacific ocean. This ingredient has been eaten by many Asian populations as a popular cooking ingredient, particularly raw in salads.

How much weight can I lose using the Slim Diet Patch?

In my first week of using the Slim Diet Patch, I lost 5 pounds, although the average rate of weight loss is 2-5 lbs per week.

Since the patches are safe to use in the long term, you can keep going until all of your weight is lost. I plan to stick with the patches until I lose enough weight to feel thin on my wedding day.

What makes Slim Diet Patch different?

With thousands of diet pills and slimming products to choose from, it was refreshing for me to see a product that really works for weight loss.

The trans-dermal delivery of its weight loss ingredients means they can reach your bloodstream much faster than with diet pills. This makes the slimming patches ideal for those who want to try something different and more effective than diet pills.

When will I start to lose weight?

The answer is almost immediately.  Clinical studies show a significant appetite suppression effect within the first three days.

Feel free to ask me any more questions about my experience of using Slim Diet Patches.

and on to the next day…

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