Day 5: I know I should exercise…

I have to come clean. My shelves are covered in weight loss DVDs. Everything from “The 30-day shred” to belly dancing. I'd say about 60% of them are still in their wrappers!

Since I started taking my weight loss seriously,  since about the time I started using the Slim Diet patch, I have been thinking about cracking open a few of those still wrapped fitness DVDs to see if I can boost my weight loss.

I started the day with good intentions, promising myself that the minute I got home I would make an effort to exercise. But do you know what? Life got in the way. I had phone calls to make, a fiancee to feed, and a few hours of overtime to do at work.

Sadly, today my exercise regime got put on the back burner, but I won't let myself feel guilty about it.

The advantage of using slimming aids like the Slim Diet patch is that you don't have to stick to a strict fitness program to still lose weight.  You can lose weight without exercise if you choose to do so ( although exercise does have other health benefits).  No matter how busy I am I just have to take a few seconds to slap that little white diet patch on in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day.

I really feel like I'm making progress already.  When I started putting on weight, a lot of my work clothes didn't fit. It got to the point where I only had 2 work skirts left that fit. Today I tried on a smart black pencil skirt that only a few weeks ago didn't fit, and guess what? Yes, I'm starting to fit into my old clothes already and I wore the skirt.

Looking forward to posting my first set of weight loss progress pictures at the weekend, I'm sure I can see a difference already.

onto the next day…

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