Day 9: Healthy Snacking

When talking through my average diet with a friend today, she seemed shocked by how little I ate.  The truth is I don't eat very much during the day.

I don't eat breakfast, I have a salad for lunch (unless I work through lunch)  and I don't snack.

It sounds like a healthy diet to me!  But that would be a lie. My downfall starts at dinner time when I usually eat a whopping great portion of potatoes with gravy and butter. Then the snacking begins and I find myself reaching for chocolate!

Since starting the Slim Diet Patch plan my night-time binging has been greatly reduced, but like most of us I wanted to start seeing faster weight loss results.

That's why I told my friend all about my weight loss plan and she suggested two key weight loss tips that could speed up my weight loss.

  1. Always eat breakfast! – I have seen this message countless times but like many, I am often running out of the door in the morning thinking there just isn't enough time for breakfast. The truth is breakfast is the key to staying full and energetic until lunchtime.
  2. Start snacking!–  That may sound like bad advice, but eating small healthy snacks throughout the day helps keep your metabolism ticking over and prevents that starvation feeling some diets can give you.

Sounds great to me, effectively I can eat more during the day, put a stop to my night time binging altogether, and speed up my weight loss.

I looked around for some good options for healthy snacks that are quick to grab on the go:

  • Fruit -Yummy pears, juicy apples, sweet strawberries mmmm
  • Yogurt – Look for those under 100 calories and preferably with artificial sweeteners.
  • Cereal bars – Watch out as some cereal bars contain as many calories as a chocolate bar. Look for those around 100 calories
  • Dark chocolate – A few squares of this healthier-than-milk-chocolate option won't break the calorie bank and makes a welcome treat.

So that's my tips for today, I hope you are enjoying following my progress.

and on to the next day…

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